Stroboscopic Flash Experiment


Hi Ron,

 As you encouraged me, I have tried out stroboscopic mode of 550EX on following:

In first 3 photos I asked my son Sanjai to bounce the tennis ball up & down. I set camera on manual exp. and set flash mode to Multi; @ 10HZ and no. of flashes to 10 at 1/16 power, shutter was set at 2 sec. aperture was set by camera. These first 3 photos were taken in total darkness in our front room. But I think there is too much of action here. Hence  in last 3 photos I set flash to 5Hz and 5 flashes @ 1/16 power & shutter at 1sec. In these you can actually see 5 images & strings from which I suspended tennis ball. I adjusted the levels in PS CS2 as background looked a bit washed out. This time I used portable soft lighting studio which I bought from Maplin Electronic store for about 15. I think the result is bit more acceptable. However let me know what you think. Many thanks for your encouragement.







Setup was as below:



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